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Litek Pharma’s glove tester device is an autonomous equipment that allows glove testing, without cables and connected through WIFI to the isolators control system.

This device includes a pump, ventilator, battery and instrumentation to perform the leak test and to record the results according to GAMP5.

The user interface is friendly and allows the user an easy handling of the device.

User friendly colour code to identify the cycle test status

The colour code the Glove Tester displays, allows to easily identify the test status.

Centralized glove testin strategy
  • User manual.

  • Qualification documents.

Adaptability and integration in other equipment

Every isolator and every equipment have individual requirements. Therefore, it is important for Litek Pharma to provide a customized offer for each situation.

The Litek Pharma Glove Tester can be integrated into other equipment, as well as into different types of ports: oval or circular with different diameters.

The control and recording of data in existing isolators can be done on a tablet in accordance with GAMP5 and CFR21 part 11 or also using a global solution.

Development of recipes according to the type of glove.

Isolator RTP Leak test

Litek Pharma’s Glove Tester allows leakage testing of the RTP ports of any isolator or RABS.

Litek Pharma offers, depending on the transfer port, the connection device between the port and the Glove Tester in such a way that the solution is easy to apply


Glove tester trolley

The trolley of the Litek Pharma Glove Tester allows easy transport of the devices.

  • Port on the trolley for Glove Tester calibration.
  • Connectors for glove tester charging.
  • Display with battery indicator and data logging.
  • Glove identification by RFID as an option.

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