Litek Pharma will participate in A3P RABS & Isolators

On 14 March 2024, the conference organised by A3P on RABS and Isolators will be held at Novotel Madrid City Las Vegas (Madrid) and Litek Pharma will participate in the Table-top 16.

The event will delve into the requirements outlined in Annex 1 and examine the factors influencing the choice between RABS and Isolators, with a specific focus on the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. Practical cases will be presented to illustrate how to transition from a traditional laminar flow facility to one that aligns with the updated requirements, employing barrier systems like RABS and Isolators.

The conference will will feature the participation of recognized experts in the field, including Javier Alonso, CEO of Litek Pharma, who together with Marta Rodriguez from Leti Pharma, will present a case study on RABS and Isolators adapted to small-scale Fill & Finish processes.

This event represents an unparalleled opportunity to discover best practices and the latest advances in barrier systems.

Learn more about the congress on RABS and Isolators by A3P.

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